Body Drench Blemish Control Sheet Masks 3 Pack


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Are you suffering from acne prone skin? Help prevent blemishes, draw out impurities, remove excess oil, and cleanse clogged pores with the Body Drench Blemish Control No-Mess Mud Mask. This luxurious mask is infused with several key ingredients, including Kaolin Clay and Rose. The combination of these purifying ingredients paired with the No-Mess Mud sheet feature makes it superior to the traditional messy mud mask in a jar. Say goodbye to clogged pores, oily skin, and messy sinks in one neat, easy step.
+ Kaolin Clay detoxifies, cleanses, and helps remove impurities, resulting in brighter, healthier looking skin
+ Rose helps prevent blemishes, absorbs excessive oil, and prevents the appearance of clogged pores

Product Details
  • Mission: Purify & balance
  • Ideal for acne prone skin
  • Helps prevent blemishes, draw out impurities & remove excess oil
  • With purifying Kaolin Clay & Rose
  • Say goodbye to clogged pores, messy sinks & oily skin!

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