The Girl's Body Book: Everything you Need to Know for Growing Up You By Kelli Dunham


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Hooray, you're growing up! It's an exciting time, but it can be scary, too. With so many things changing--your body, your emotions, your relationships --some days it may seem like your life is just one big roller coaster ride. 

The Girl's Body Book is here to help. Just flip open this book and find the answers to the questions you need answered, such as: 
  • From hair care to high heels and everything in between: a head-to-toe guide to what's happening with your changing body.
  • Dealing with friends when they don't want to deal with you.
  • And how to handle yourself around "Mean Girls." Sports, music, math, art, reading: Finding out what you like and learning to like who you are.
So go ahead and flip open this book. Your whole life is waiting for you!

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